Freight Ship Sinks Upon Collision With LNG Carrier



Ships Involved: Freight Ship & LNG Carrier
Accident Type: Collision
Consequence of Collision: Freight Ship Sinks
Location: The North Sea off the Belgian Coast
Casualties: None/ One treated for Hypothermia

A freight ship sank early Tuesday morning after colliding with an LNG tanker in the North Sea off the Belgian coast.  All on board were saved.  11 of the 12 crew of the Dutch freighter Flinterstar were rescued from frigid North Sea waters, and one was being treated for hypothermia.  The Marshall Island-flagged tanker Al-Oraiq also suffered damage and is anchored by the site of the collision, 10 kilometers from the coast near the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.  The rescue operation, which included at least three rescue ships, five tug boats and a helicopter, was led and coordinated by the Belgian coast guard, with assistance from the Dutch.

Source: Reuters