Freight Traffic at Valenciaport Grows by 10% in 2024


Valenciaport grows by nearly 10% in 2024. Data from the Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of València (PAV) regarding the accumulated traffic of January and February of this year show that the total number of containers that have entered and left the Valencian terminals has grown by 9.97% compared to the same period of 2023, reaching 784,095 TEU’s, increasing the traffic of both full containers (7.17%) and empty containers (20.31%). Calculated by weight, the volume of goods that passed through the Valencian terminals in this period reached 12,208,814 million tonnes, a +6.33%.

China grows by 30% in 2024

The bulletin breaks down the total traffic by sector: iron and steel (+3.03%), non-metallic minerals (+19.42%), fertilisers (+28.53%), chemicals (+4.42%), agri-foodstuffs (+15.75%), vehicles and transport (+1.79%). On the other hand, the bulletin reflects a decrease in the energy sector (-21.92%) and construction materials (-3.91).

Passengers increased by 31.76%, with a total of 128,070 people entering and leaving Valencia, 89,394 of them on regular lines with the Balearic Islands and Algeria. Vehicle traffic fell by -13.39% but the year-on-year figure remained up by +3.07%.

Regarding rail transport, the number of containers transported by train grew by +2.71%. The Bulletin also shows that ro-ro traffic (maritime ro-ro services) increased by +2.64%, while ITUs (container truck platforms or Intermodal Transport Units) grew by +11.68% to 79,334 units.

The Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of València (PAV) also shows positive year-on-year and monthly figures calculated by weight in tonnes: the year-on-year data (comparing the last 12 months with the previous 12 months) also reflect a growth of +0.67%, as does the monthly data (comparing February 2023 with February 2024) with +6.11%.

Traffics with the Far East area is growing again and the number of TEUs handled during the last two months has reached 124,834 (+19.02%) compared to the same period in 2023). China continues to be Valenciaport’s main trading partner with the management of 93,636 containers (+29.99%); although the countries that have grown most in their traffic with Valenciaport have been Saudi Arabia (+97.14%), Egypt (+97.44%) and Greece (+78.91%), due to the increase in transhipment traffic at the Valencian docks, mainly originating in Asia and destined for other Mediterranean ports.

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Source: Valencia Port