Freighter Breached After Hitting an Ice Block



A general cargo ship collided with an ice block and suffered damaged to its ballast tank.

What happened?

The general cargo ship Capricorn collided with an ice block and suffered breaches in Kerch Strait.

The freighter suffered damages in its ballast tank area and ensued water ingress.

The accident was reported to the local authorities and crew requested assistance in sealing the water leak.

Ship anchored:

The ship was ordered to be anchored at Kerch anchorage, where damages will be inspected and hull breaches will be patched.

The water ingress was brought under control by the crew, but salvage vessel Spasatel Demirov remained at the site, monitoring the situation until the divers arrived and patched the hole.

There was no immediate danger for the seaworthiness and safety of the ship.

Investigation underway:

The local authorities initiated investigation to determine the root cause of the accident.

Fortunately there were no reports about injuries and water pollution.

The vessel was detained for further inspection and safety survey.

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Source: Vesseltracker


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