Freighter Departs With New Crew After COVID-19 Infection!


  • Russian freighter replaces the entire crew after an engineer tested positive for COVID-19 infection.
  • The engineer was notified of his travel with a possibly infected individual and was transmitted to a medical facility.
  • Entire crew was disembarked and the vessel was sanitized.
  • The vessel departed for Dudinka with the new crew.

Russian freighter replaced the entire crew after an engineer onboard tested positive for COVID-19, reports Safety4Sea.

Was there a random check?

According to Russian metals producer Nornicker, an engineer onboard its Norilskiy Nickel freighter, tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the company, the vessel was sailing from Murmansk to Dudinka along Russia’s Northern Sea Route, where it called in Arkhangelsk.

Engineer gets notification

Arriving at the port, the engineer received notification about his train travel with an individual who was possibly infected. 

The engineer was then disembarked and transmitted to a medical facility for evaluation and tested positive for COVID-19.

Crewmembers replaced

The company then disembarked the whole crew, sanitized the vessel and embarked a replacement crew. With the new crewmembers the vessel departed for Dudinka.

The disembarked crew is under observation and the company awaits their COVID-19 test results. 

Nornickel commented that at the port “contacts of coastal services and ship crews are completely excluded, ladders are not allowed to be lowered”.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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