Why is there a Freighter Off the Shore of Lorain?


There’s a mystery anchored just off the coast of Lorain in Lake Erie.

An industrial freighter has been parked about a mile from shore since June 26, and it appeared for a time, that no one knew what it was doing there or why it was there.

Authorities baffled:

Calls to the U.S. Coast Guard station in Lorain, the Lorain police and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office were met with befuddlement, as neither agency had even heard about the erstwhile vessel.

A message left with the Lorain County Port Authority was not returned.

Lorain Port Authority Economic Development Specialist Tiffany McClelland might have an answer, though.

Ship identified:

McClelland identified the ship as the John D. Lynch and said it was most likely a bulk freighter.

“It’s carrying stone or is going to be picking up material from Lorain,” she said.

According to McClelland, the ship was supposed to come into port in Lorain on June 26, but it has been parked most likely due to the choppiness of the lake.

Various reasons:

“In some cases, freighters will get to a location and will sit outside of a harbor, a lot of times for weather reasons,” McClelland said. “With the lake being very choppy, it may not have been able to come in to the Lorain harbor.”

She said it also could be a timing issue.

The ship could have arrived early in an attempt to beat unfavorable weather and now is just waiting to pick up or drop off its load, McClelland said.

“I’d say that’s probably the most likely reasoning,” she said. “It’s very unlikely that it’s out there sinking or there’s no problem, or whatnot.”

“If it was anything of that nature, we would’ve heard about that already.”

Freighter remains stagnant despite optimal conditions:

McClelland said she thinks the water is calm enough for the freighter to come in now, so she’s not sure why it is still anchored.

Most freighters that come to Lorain are delivering or picking up from private companies.

McClelland said anyone interested in watching these freighters come in should check out the boat launch near 14th Street in Lorain.

“You can pretty much go to the boat launch and watch the freighter come in and offload onto the sights right across the (Black) River from the boat launch,” she said. “It’s actually a wonderful location for freighter tracking individuals.”

There is a large group of people who track freighters and watch them go from port to port, McClelland said.

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Source: The Morning Journal


  1. Seems the Author could use some good old fashioned verification and validation training before repeating bogus information. “Befuddlement” seems to be contagious – LOL. Try again. Perhaps the ship name is misquoted.. suggest you start here.