French Can Take A Sip On Board A Naval Ship



U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited a French aircraft carrier in the Gulf to highlight the closeness of their military alliance to defeat Islamic State.  However, some cultural differences are apparent.  French sailors can imbibe alcohol within moderation while on ship, while American sailors follow a policy of almost total abstinence.

There were  four bars on the Charles de Gaulle, where troops can purchase one alcoholic drink per day.

On Saturday morning, French sailors prepared and served coffee behind a large curved bar outfitted with wooden stools.  A wall sign advertised available drinks.

“We are French,”said a spokesman for the French Navy, Commander Lionel Delort. “Wine is very appreciated on board.”

To prevent the risk of tipsy sailors around deadly weaponry, the French use an electronic scanning system to track who has already reached the limit of a drink per day.

Source: Reuters