French Shipping & Energy Tycoon William Louis-Dreyfus Dead


William Louis-Dreyfus, aged 84, who was also called Gerard in France passed away on September 16.  The shipping and energy tycoon William Louis-Dreyfus, the grandson of the founder Leopold Louis-Dreyfus, had passions which extended beyond the Maritime world as an art collector and published poet.

Actress daughter Julia revealed the tycoon’s death this weekend as she accepted an Emmy award for her role as President Selina Meyer on HBO show VEEP.

William Louis-Dreyfus is credited with helping restore the fortunes of the family business when it ran into difficulties in the 1970s.

Sources from other media say one of his skills was “a knack for hiring very good people”.

Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, the chairman of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, is William’s half-brother.

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