Fried Rat Served in KFC


Devorise Dixon, a 25-year-old California man claimed that KFC had served him Kentucky Fried Rat, instead of the three-piece chicken that he ordered on June 10.  He posted photos of his alleged rat on Facebook.  Dixon claims that he visited a KFC, bit into a chicken tender, which felt “very hard and rubbery.”
KFC strongly refused the claim and a representative for KFC supplied media with Dixon’s original Instagram photo.  When viewed from a different angle, it is in fact a chicken and not a rat.
KFC says that they have found no evidence to support that the fried object was a rat.   “KFC made various attempts to contact him, but he refused to talk directly or through an attorney,” said a representative for KFC.  Despite KFC’s offer to evaluate the product at their own, he was not taken by the customer.  The second photo looks more like a chicken than the photo that has gone viral.
Meanwhile, Dixon claims that he has placed the tender in question in the freezer.



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