FRO To Acquire 6 Eco-type VLCCs Under Construction at HHI


Frontline Ltd. has entered into an agreement for the acquisition through resale of six latest generation ECO-type VLCC newbuilding contracts, says a press release published on their website.

Vessel under construction at HHI

Six VLCCs are currently under construction at the Hyundai Heavy Industries (“HHI”) shipyard in South Korea and are being acquired for an aggregate purchase price of $565.8 million, including an estimated $25.7 million in additions and upgrades to the standard specifications.

About the Design

Different fuels

The vessels are designed to operate on different fuels, including Biofuel, which has the potential to be converted or retrofitted to consume fuel like LNG or Ammonia and consequently there is an ability to cut CO2 emissions to zero when technology, logistics, and the regulatory framework allows for it.

Scrubber technology

The new buildings will also be fitted with Exhaust Gas Scrubber technology, high-end Anti Fouling systems, equipped with Digital Energy Performance solutions as well as compliant with specific Exxon Mobile lightering requirements to allow for maximum trading flexibility.

Expected Delivery

The delivery schedule is very attractive with five vessels delivering during 2022 starting in Q1 and the last vessel in Q1 2023.

CEO of Frontline Management AS

Lars H. Barstad, Interim CEO of Frontline Management AS said:

“This transaction is consistent with our core company goals to increase exposure to the VLCC market without adding to existing vessel supply. It further cements Frontline’s position in respect of owning a modern, high-quality, fuel-efficient fleet. The delivery schedule for these vessels is particularly attractive, in a timing window regarded closed for new orders. With this acquisition, Frontline is tangibly moving on our journey towards lower carbon emissions.”

The payment profile for this transaction means that the largest portion of the installments on each vessel will be made on delivery of each vessel.

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Source: Frontline