From Sea Love to Charter Success: Marko Lakic’s Journey

Credit: Lukas/Pexels

The person was born and raised in Split, Croatia, with family origins in Omiš. Spending summers in Omiš, they developed a love for the sea through fishing trips with their grandfather. They later used the boat for socializing and driving friends around. Working in finance and banking, they discovered the potential of the cruise ship industry and decided to pursue their passion for the sea. In 2013, they purchased their first wooden boat and started a charter business. With their banking background, they knew how to navigate the financial aspects of the venture.

Wooden boats 

After leaving the banking industry, the person formed a partnership with their brother and focused on their charter business in Croatia. They began selling their wooden boats to upgrade and purchased their first steel yacht, the Almissa, with 19 cabins. Acting as the project manager, they successfully launched the yacht and welcomed their first guests on board. They sold their second wooden boat and acquired the Lupus Mare, a 14-cabin yacht. They underwent a complete refit and continue to enhance their features, including the addition of luxury amenities like a cinema, jacuzzi, and gym.

Leisure time

Continuing their ventures in the charter business, the person and their brother constructed the 157ft (48m) Corsario using a steel hull. During the blessings of their previous yachts, a humorous remark was made about the person’s potential divorce if they were to meet the priest again. Additionally, the person bought a small speedboat, named Tea after their wife, which they enjoy using during the summer for various activities like exploring hidden bays, going out to dinner, indulging in ice cream, and spending time at the beach with childhood friends.

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Source: Boat International