Fuel Changeover & Loss of Propulsion (LOP) Risks are Increasing Alarmingly!


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Innospec has reviewed statistics from the French Ministry of Environment (Maritime Affairs Directorate) which show alarming increase in fuel related propulsion loss incidents.  The English Channel, the narrow and yet busiest shipping lanes in the world, has seen a 2 fold increase in loss of propulsion incidents in 2015 compared to the previous 4 years.  It raises clear suggestions that many of these incidents are related to fuel changeover issues due to the 0.1% Sulphur limit enforced 1st January of that year, where changeover from HFO to MGO raises a clear compatibility risk.

Innospec claims that using additives could mitigate or prevent compatibility and stability problems as these additives has very high stabilising properties.

Source: Innospec Marine Newsletter

Disclaimer: The above piece of information is of author’s own and not necessarily from MFAME.

There are various additives available in the market and choosing a right additive is the key to mitigate problems.  Viswa Lab has tested various problem fuels with different types of additives, where the efficacy of every additive varies with different types of problem fuels. Thus, MFAME recommends to study the property and usage of a particular additive and use it wisely.  Please feel free to contact any additive maker and get the required information before equipping it onboard.

“There is no one silver bullet for all Problems!”

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