Fuel Consumption Reporting – An Important Move to Reduce CO2 Emission


Danish Maritime Authority revealed that IMO has taken an important step to reduce CO2 emission in International Shipping.


The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee has approved a global requirement for ships to inform about their fuel consumption.  Furthermore, a process is to be launched to reduce ships’ CO2 emissions.

In order to contribute to limiting the global temperature rise, IMO has taken an important step and decided to reduce the CO2 emissions from international shipping.  The IMO has succeeded only because countries both in and outside the EU as well as the industry have engaged in constructive dialogue.  Denmark has emphasized the importance of having a mandatory system applicable to everyone, thus ensuring a level playing field worldwide.

The IMO Data Collection System for Fuel Consumption will not only provide information about ships’ fuel consumption, but also about how far and for how long the ships have been operating annually.  The requirements will be incorporated into the MARPOL Convention and become mandatory for ships with a tonnage as low as 5,000 GT.  The next steps will consist of an analysis of the data reported, which will subsequently form the basis of a decision on additional measures to be taken to reduce ships’ CO2 emissions.

Source: Danish Maritime Authority


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