Fuel For Thought: Evaluating LPG As A Sustainable Shipping Fuel


In the third report in its “Fuel for thought” alternative fuels series Lloyd’s Register evaluates Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Current state of LPG

LR explores the current state of LPG as a fuel for shipping. LR says that LPG is already a widely available fossil fuel that offers emissions benefits compared to other fossil options. LPG could offer further benefits in conjunction with onboard carbon capture and if the emerging production of renewable, potentially zero-or near-zero emissions variants is scaled up.

The report covers safety considerations, drivers for adoption, production and supply chain, and technology readiness. We will also examine the potential implications of the widespread adoption of LPG as a fuel and its role in achieving a sustainable future.

Other drivers for the adoption of LPG as a fuel are also covered, including regulations, lifecycle assessment, ship operator demand and interest, techno-economic drivers, including renewable LPG production.

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Source: Lloyd