Fuel Spill Feared as Cargo Ships Collide Off Corsica


On October 7, a cargo ship collided with a freight vessel near the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.

What happened?

The cargo ship ‘Ulysse’ collided with the freight vessel ‘CLS Virginia’ while it was anchored about 30 kilometers off the northern tip of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.

The cargo vessel ‘Ulysse’ was en route from Genoa in Italy to the Tunisian port at Rades near Tunis and the freighter ‘Virginia’ was not carrying any cargo at the time.

Both vessels damaged

Due to the impact of the collision, both the vessels sustained considerable damages. However, the freighter suffered extensive damage with an opening several meters long in its hull. This damage resulted in a fuel leak which reportedly spread to several hundred meters.

Tugs dispatched

The cause of the collision is yet to be ascertained and unruly weather conditions have been ruled out.

A source said, “The Tunisian ship may have been going too fast compared to its ability to react”.

A tugboat has been dispatched to the scene and the French navy has also sent a vessel specialised in containing and cleaning up pollution spills. Italy has also offered its assistance as part of the Ramogepol accord between France, Italy and Monaco to jointly intervene in cases of maritime pollution.

Investigation launched

An investigation has been launched into the incident to determine the sequence of events leading to the collision and to determine the further course of action.

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Source: News.com.au