Fuel Storage Plan To Control & Reduce Problems During Storage Period


Viswa lab, in its recent technical update addresses the issue with regard to storage of VLSFO fuels and changes in the sediment values during storage.

Fuel Storage Plan (FSP) 

What is a FSP and why is it necessary? 

Recent market fluctuations have resulted in an increase in the long term storage of bunker fuels. In some cases, the fuels could be stored for as long as a year. 

Viswa has observed that sediment values have increased considerably even during a storage period of a single month! And this might cause choking of filters and purifiers on the ship. 

Problems during storage

As a fuel user, one should be concerned about all the problems that could occur during storage. The fuel should be tested completely to ascertain the effects of long-term storage as it can give rise to many questions including:

  • Will the VLSFO become unstable when stored between 1 to 3 months or over? 
  • What should be the ideal storage temperature? 
  • What are the chances of microbial growth in the MGO & how can it be avoided? 

Solution to the problems

Viswa, to answer the above questions, has come up with a Fuel Storage Plan (FSP). 

Following tests are carried out based on the type of sample received. 

The test package includes advise on storage temperatures, additive recommendations and best practices for long term storage. 

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Source: Viswa Group


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