Fuel Switch Snapshot: VLSFO Retains Cost Advantage


VLSFO remains the cheapest bunkering alternative for dual-fuel ships in Rotterdam and Singapore, even with estimated EU Allowance (EUA) costs included in their bunker fuel costs. HSFO is the cheapest option for scrubber-fitted ships.

Prices dropped

LNG prices dropped over the past week, but they still remain $9-22/mt higher than VLSFO in Rotterdam and $34-40/mt higher in Singapore.

Rotterdam’s bio-bunker premium over LNG has remained steady, while Singapore’s bio-premium over LNG has climbed $17/mt higher in the past week.


Rotterdam’s VLSFO benchmark has dropped by $15-19/mt in the past week, depending on whether we include estimated EUA costs for voyages between EU ports.

Singapore’s VLSFO benchmark remained steady in the past week, with a $2/mt marginal gain noted.

Most suppliers recommend lead times of up to 14 days, while some can accommodate stems within four days. This represents a tightening from a week prior, when traders recommended shorter lead times ranging between 2-9 days.


Rotterdam’s B24-VLSFO HBE price has slipped lower by $15-18/mt in the past week, which includes the estimated EUA costs. A steep decline of $60/mt in the price of palm oil mill effluent methyl ester (POMEME) has pulled the benchmark lower.

Demand for biofuel blends was mostly limited in Singapore last week, two sources say. Availability has been normal in the port, and traders recommend lead times of at least 10 days to ensure full coverage from suppliers.


Rotterdam’s LNG bunker price has fallen by $13-17/mt over the past week, after rising for two consecutive weeks.

The price drop mirrors the decline in the front-month NYMEX Dutch TTF Natural Gas benchmark, which has declined amid projections of rising gas storage levels across Europe.

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Source: Engine.online


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