Fuel Tanker Crashes into a Wharf During Berthing


A fuel tanker reportedly crashed into a wharf during berthing operations at the Port of Auckland.

What happened?

The fuel tanker “Awanuia” hit the Wynyard wharf when it was berthing. Luckily the tanker was cruising at low speed.

The tanker and the concrete dwarf relatively suffered minor damage above its waterline.

None injured:

Fortunately, since the tanker was travelling at low speed none of the crew members onboard the tanker were injured. No oil spill was detected by the port authorities.

There was some relatively minor damage to the concrete wharf deck and the bow of the Awanuia above the waterline.

No-one was injured and no fuel was spilled, the spokesman said.

Witness account:

The witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, believed the ship lost power on approach to the wharf said, “The tanker effectively T-boned the wharf, suffering significant damage to the ship’s bow above the waterline”.

Investigation initiated:

The reason for the crash remains unknown as of now. The port authorities have initiated investigation to determine the cause of the incident.

The tanker is currently berthed in the port for further inspection and repairs.

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Source: NZ Herald


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