Fuel Tanker Takes In Water After Collision



Accident: Collision.
Date: 30th August, 2015.
Vessels involved: M/T Erin Wood, the bunkering tanker and M/V Daroja.
Casualties: None.

The two-member crew of bunkering tanker Erin Wood alerted the Aberdeen Coastguard at around 5:10 pm on 29th August 2015 about their vessel taking in water approximately two miles off Peterhead. The incident occurred when both the vessels were crossing routes.  Erin Wood, who chose to change course in the last minute, caused the general cargo ship Daroja to hit her with the bow.  Erin Wood sustained serious damage to the hull, and a hole was formed just below the waterline. Water ingress was rapid, and the ship began to list after one of her ballast compartments flooded. Traffic control and coast guard from Peterhead offered immediate assistance by dispatching salvage pumps to the bunkering tanker. The engine room and cabins were rid of excess water, and this prevented the vessel from capsizing. Erin Wood was towed to Peterhead while Daroja proceeded to Peterhead by her power. No injuries to the crew were reported.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency attended to both vessels, and an investigation is underway. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch was also informed.

Source: Orcadian