Fuelre4m & Ardmore Shipping Collaborate On Fuel Efficiency Trial


Fuelre4m, a UAE-based international leader in fossil fuel transformation, has announced a three-month efficiency trial with Ardmore Shipping. This collaboration aims to reduce fuel oil consumption and enhance operational efficiency using Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO).

Trial Details and Objectives

  • Pilot Vessel: The trial will commence with Ardmore Shipping’s Ardmore Seahawk.
  • Goals:
    • Fuel Consumption Reduction: Demonstrate significant fuel savings and emission reductions with Fuelre4m’s Re4mx Fueloil.
    • VLSFO Effectiveness: Showcase the effectiveness of Re4mx Fueloil in optimizing combustion and meeting global sulfur emission regulations.
    • Measurement and Analysis: Utilize precise measuring equipment to gauge fuel flow into the engine versus power produced, enabling thorough analysis.

Fuelre4m’s Vision and Technology

  • Revolutionizing Fuel Efficiency: Re4mx Fueloil aims to improve existing fossil fuels’ efficiency, making them cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient than current VLSFO and biofuel blends.
  • Environmental and Operational Benefits:
    • Emission Reductions: Achieve a 40-80% reduction in exhaust emissions, including near-zero sulfur emissions.
    • No Retrofit Required: Enhance emissions class without retrofitting or changing engines and fuel types.
    • Improved Fuel Stability: Increase the stability of complex fuel blends, such as VLSFO and biodiesel.

Ardmore Shipping’s Commitment to Sustainability

Ardmore Shipping, established in 2010, is a prominent operator of product and chemical tankers. Known for its dedication to best practices, customer service, and operational efficiency, Ardmore is committed to sustainability and innovation. This trial aligns with their long-term growth plans and environmental goals.

    • Rob Mortimer, Managing Director, Fuelre4m states “We are excited to collaborate with Ardmore Shipping on this groundbreaking trial. Our goal is to demonstrate significant environmental and operational improvements without major overhauls to existing systems.”
    • Garry Noonan, Director of Innovation, Ardmore Shipping states “We are thrilled to partner with Fuelre4m on this innovative trial. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to explore advanced fuel solutions that align with global emissions targets while maintaining high-performance standards.”


Fuelre4m’s partnership with Ardmore Shipping exemplifies a shared commitment to driving sustainable innovation in fossil fuel-dependent industries. By proving the efficiency of Re4mx Fueloil in real-world conditions, both companies aim to set a new standard for fuel consumption and emissions in maritime operations.

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Source: ZAWYA