Fugro’s Oceanstar Manoeuvring System Enhances Vessel Safety



Fugro has introduced a service to its range of satellite positioning systems.  Oceanstar is an onboard decision support system that has been developed to improve navigational safety and reduce the operating costs of commercial vessels such as cruise ships, container ships, ferries, ro-ro vessels, bulk carriers and tankers.

The decision support system incorporates approved and ‘Wheelmark’ certified functions such as differential GNSS (DGNSS), speed and distance measurement device (SDMD), transmitting heading device (THD) and rate of turn indicator (ROT).  The system can be tailored to particular requirements and market environments to ensure a cost effective, fit-for-purpose solution.

High-accuracy GNSS Support

To assist with navigation in confined waters, and based on Fugro’s high accuracy GNSS solutions, the system calculates accurate heading, rate of turn, ground speed ahead/astern and speed athwart ships at the bow and stern, as well as distances.  The information can be viewed on system displays that can be positioned anywhere on the bridge including the conning position and bridge wings.  Alternatively, the functions can be embedded for display on compatible integrated bridge systems.

The Oceanstar high-performance navigation and manoeuvring system enhances navigation integrity, berthing safety and ship energy efficiency management and helps to reduce a vessel’s environmental footprint.  During berthing manoeuvres it provides essential information including approach speeds, rate of turn and even distances to the berth.  In addition to supporting safer berthing, Oceanstar can reduce a cruise ship’s berthing process by up to 30 minutes each time, allowing passengers more time ashore.

According to Leif Morten By, product manager for Oceanstar, vessels of all types, and in particular passenger cruise ships and container ships, are becoming ever larger.  Larger vessels mean less room for manoeuvring, making with accurate quay and terminal approach information crucial.  Oceanstar system provides this type of information to captains and pilots facilitating berthing manoeuvres.

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Source: Fugro World Wide