GAC Group Acquires Quadrant Pacific’s Agency Business In New Zealand


GAC Group, a prominent provider of shipping, logistics, and marine services in the Asia-Pacific market, has acquired the agency business of Quadrant Pacific, its longstanding network partner in New Zealand. This acquisition marks a pivotal milestone for GAC New Zealand, enhancing its operational capabilities and solidifying its market presence.

Enhanced Operational Control and Service Delivery

Since 2008, GAC New Zealand has operated in partnership with Quadrant Pacific. The acquisition allows GAC to directly manage ship agency services across all New Zealand ports, promising improved service delivery and operational efficiency. Scott Henderson, Managing Director for GAC Australia and New Zealand, highlights the strategic alignment of this move with GAC’s commitment to top-notch service.

Strategic Focus and Market Expansion

Director of Quadrant Pacific, Alistair Skingley, underscores the strong relationship between the two companies and sees this transition as an opportunity for Quadrant Pacific to concentrate on its core business areas. Meanwhile, Daniel Nordberg, GAC’s Group Vice President for the Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent, views this acquisition as a strategic enhancement of GAC’s capabilities and presence in Australasia, reinforcing their leadership in comprehensive shipping solutions.

Integration and Future Prospects

The acquisition, set to be finalized by July 1, 2024, will integrate Quadrant Pacific’s agency staff into GAC New Zealand’s operations. This integration promises a seamless transition, welcoming new talent to GAC’s robust network. Henderson expresses enthusiasm about the future collaboration, aiming to drive success and meet the evolving needs of GAC’s customers with an expanded and capable team.

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Source: GAC