Game Changer Hack For Defrosting Car Windscreen

Credit: Unsplash/Osman Rana

A “game changer” hack has been posted to TikTok. It defrosts a frozen windscreen in seconds, meaning drivers can see through the windshield.

What’s more, this hack doesn’t run the risk of cracking the windscreen, like some viral methods. The hack has had an incredible 28.9M views, and all you need is a plastic bag.

TikTok user @amysaavage is a make-up artist from Belfast. She is also the woman behind the hugely popular hack.

She posted the video on her account writing: “This hack is a game changer. TikTok teaching me more than school ever did.”

Amy took a plastic bag and filled it with warm water. She then dragged it over her front and back windscreen.The hack cleared frost from her front windscreen and mist from her back screen.

She was quick to remind TikTok users they absolutely must use warm water for the hack. Boiling water could crack the cold windscreen due to the quick change in temperature.

TikTok users commented on the same warning. One said: “For all the lazy people trying this: WARM water, not hot water. Please, for God’s sake.”

Others urged viewers to use a de-icer. One said: “Or just buy de-icer,” while another wrote, “I just use de-icer spray.”

However, some took issue with this advice. One wrote: “Everyone saying to use de-icer is failing to realize water is free.” Another said: “People in the comments like ‘just buy de-icer’, like this works just as well and that’s an extra $4 they saved.”

One gave another piece of advice, which doesn’t rely on de-icer. They said: “Just put a blanket over it. Then in the morning just pull it off. It works and is easy.”

Another TikTok user also shared a two-second hack to defrost your windscreen. TikTok creator Tristan Walton showed how he de-ices his windscreen in “two seconds”. The viral video has 49.9K “likes”.

Tristan shows how he places a piece of cardboard on top of his windscreen to remain there overnight. He said: “A quick de-ice trick. Thank me later.”

He can be seen lifting the cardboard from his frost-covered car in the early morning, leaving behind a perfectly clear pane of glass.

The TikTok user explained how this helps him when he is working early shifts at work. In a comment, he said: “When you [are] out the door at 6.30am you can just rip the cardboard off and there you go.”

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Source: Express