Garbage Tossed Off Bow of Tanker into Harbour



An investigation has been launched by Coastal Shipping Limited after a number of garbage bags were thrown off the bow of a ship docked in Lewisporte.  

What happened?

It was reported that the garbage bags were tossed off the bow roughly 100 feet to the water below. An apparent mess was created when many garbage bags broke open upon contact with water and several of the broken bags sinking into the water.

A trail of debris was spotted that looked mainly like recyclable materials were also visible floating toward the mouth of the harbour.

Awaiting response:

Craig Farrell, Marine superintendent for Coastal Shipping Limited, responded with the following comment to the Pilot May 3.    

“I am currently out of the office today but have been forwarded the below message from my head office,” Farrell said in the message. “I will provide a comment tomorrow following my investigation into the matter.”

Debris retrieved:

Another smaller boat could be seen retrieving the floating bags of debris from the water on Wednesday.  

The Pilot has also contacted the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada for comment and is awaiting a response.

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Source: The Packet


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