Gas Entec Plans LNG Fueled (and Cooled) Reefer



Busan, Korea, headquartered Gas Entec Co., Ltd. is planning to build the world’s first LNG-fueled reefer carrier. It will use the cryogenic properties of the LNG fuel in an indirect cargo hold cooling system.

Gas Entec has signed a memorandum of agreement with refrigerated cargo shipper SEoiL Agency Co., Ltd. covering construction, investment, chartering and operation of a 155,000 cu.ft reefer carrier. It will operate on an existing SEoIL Agency route from fourth quarter 2018.

According to the agreement, Gas Entec will lead the investment and financing for the construction of the vessel and will lead the entire newbuilding project, including selection of shipyards and supply of engineering design services and major equipment. SEoIL Agency is responsible for long-term charter contracts and operation of the ship.

Gas Entec has developed an indirect type of cargo hold cooling system, called EnergiCool, that uses cryogenic energy generated during the vaporization process of the LNG propulsion and power generation fuel.

The technology eliminates the need for cooling equipment such as large compressors. According to Gas Entec, there is a drastic reduction in power consumption and generator fuel consumption of the generator and the maintenance cost of cooling equipment is greatly reduced.

Gas Entec will jointly develop LNG refrigerant system with Dongwha Entec and will apply the cycle and generator as a dual fuel engine in cooperation with Wärtsilä.

The vessel will use membrane LNG cargo hold technology, and the existing cargo hold insulation system will be replaced by products developed by Hankuk Carbon.

Gas Entec says, “When we apply cargo hold insulation developed by Hankuk Carbon, the thickness of the existing cargo hold wall, which is near 1 meter, will be reduced by two-thirds, which will greatly increase cargo load and contribute to a reduction in construction cost.”

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Source: GAS Entec


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