Gas2Green To Patent Its Energy Saving ‘Scrubber Wash Water Electrolytic Treatment Plant’



The new technology introduced by Gas2Green is based on reusing of wasted energy from combustion.  This, according to the company will help reduce and save a lot in terms of fuel consumption in ocean-going vessels.

The company is awaiting patent approval in Denmark, further to which they envisage test running it on ships before full-fledged launch.

According to the company’s write-up, the process involved in the fuel saving technology works based on the principles of electrolysis and is able to recycle an unused waste product by the empowerment of a renewable energy source.

Quoting from their product write-up “The plant will be constructed in such a way, that the scrubber wash water from the flue gas purification is led to a storage tank.  This water will then be pumped into an electrolytic cell.  The cell itself will be powered by electricity from renewable energy sources, or simply from excessive power from the power management system, through a smart grid calculation method.  The water in the cell will through electrolysis be split into its elements, thereby creating liquid hydrogen and oxygen in the process, where sulfur will remain as alloys to be removed separately.  

The hydrogen can then be stored in tanks, and be used at a later time, to produce power by reversing the polarity of the electrolytic cell or by using the hydrogen as a fuel for other auxiliary engines.  By this process, the ship will become more sustainable as well as optimize its overall economic efficiency, by reusing wasted energy from combustion.”