General cargo ship caught fire in Black Sea




Type of Ship General Cargo
Location Black Sea 50 nautical miles off Bulgaria
What Happened Fire in Engine Room.
Casualties None





The vessel Nazim Bey was en route from Constanta, Romania to Tuzla, Turkey. While it was 50 nautical miles off Bulgaria, one of the generators caught fire which subsequently extended to the entire engine room. The crew took a quick action whereby they released CO2 into the engine room. The fire damaged the main propulsion engine and the diesel generators before the fire was completely extinguished. The vessel lost propulsion and it was towed to the anchorage off Bosphorus.Local authorities and the safety inspectors will estimate the damage and the seaworthiness of the ship before it resumes voyage to Turkey.

Disclaimer: The image is for representation of the likely above scenario and it is not the actual incident image.


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