General Cargo Ships Collide in Taiwan Strait



Accident : Collision
Date : 14th November 2015
Vessels Involved : Ji-Xin 9 and Guang Yun
Location : Off Shantou and near the Nanpeng island in the Taiwan Strait
Casualties/Pollution : Nil

On Saturday, around 0300 am Ji-Xin 9 collided with Guang Yun on its port side causing a breach in the front side of the ship.  The breached vessel started with water ingress and developed a list.  The 26-crew members of Guang Yun abandoned the vessel and boarded Ji-Xin 9.

Later, they were shifted to Shantou Coast Guard salvage vessel.  The salvage vessel crew managed to board Guang Yun and controlled the water ingress.  Ji-Xin 9 remained seaworthy and managed to reach Shantou under its own power.  Guang Yun was en route from Zhoushan to Dong Guan.



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