General Cargo Vessel Blocks Shipping Way After Engine Failure



On Thursday, a general cargo vessel reportedly blocked a busy shipping way after it got stranded following an engine failure.

What happened?

The general cargo vessel Heidi suffered an engine failure and blocked the shipping way at the Channel Island of Randers Fjord in Denmark and closing the whole fairway, reported local media.

Engine failure:

The vessel was manoeuvring upstream Gudenaa River through the navigational channel, but suffered an engine failure and was pushed to drop anchor to prevent grounding.

However, the current pushed the stern, which opened and blocked the traffic in the narrow channel.

Investigation initiated:

The accident was reported to the local authorities, but meanwhile, the crew succeeded to restart the engine and returned the propulsion power. The general cargo ship Heidi succeeded to continue voyage upstream.

“Although it may well look like it, but the ship did not run aground. The ship’s pilot has informed me that there are four meters to one bank and six meters to the other, so it can easily get out when the engines working again”, said the Harbour representative, Per Moller

No injuries reported:

Fortunately, during the incident, there were no reported injuries and damages. The vessel returned to service and successfully docked at the port.

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Source: Amtsavisen


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