General Cargo Vessel Ran Onto Embankment in Kiel Canal


On November 7, a general cargo vessel reportedly ran into an embankment after it tried to avoid being grounded.

What happened?

The general cargo vessel ‘RMS Ruhrort’ ran into an embankment located in the Kiel Canal embankment near Fisherhutte.

The vessel was transiting through the Canal in the western direction and was enroute from Finland to the United Kingdom when the incident occurred.

Loses control:

The watch officer on duty by the bridge reportedly lost control of the steering and managed to reduce the impact of grounding by reversing the vessel but it ran into an embankment.

Resumes journey:

However, the vessel was freed successfully by its own power and managed to resume its journey within twenty minutes but it is currently berthed at Brunsbuettel for further inspection and repairs.

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Source: FOCUS


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