Germany Begins Construction of First Replenishment Tanker Vessel!

Credit: Christopher Burns/ unsplash

Germany has started the construction of its first Type 707 replenishment tanker vessel to be operated by the German Navy.

Steel Cutting Ceremony

A steel-cutting ceremony was held in northwestern Germany, with representatives from manufacturers NVL Group and Meyer Werft in attendance. The event begins the process of construction, sea trials, and commissioning of the replenishment oiler. “We are ensuring the sustainability of our maritime Task Forces by supplying military fuel on the high seas, while at the same time meeting current environmental protection standards and, above all, making a significant contribution to both national and allied defenses,” German Armed Forces official Annette Lehnigk-Emden said.

About Type 707

Germany’s first Type 707 replenishment tanker will be built specifically for offshore fuel supply, enabling extended deployment time of service vessels.  It has a total displacement of 20,000 tons and can refuel two ships at a time. The 173-meter (567-foot) tanker can accommodate a crew of 42 and has a cargo tank capacity of 12,000 cubic meters. Additionally, the ship’s design offers higher speed than other replenishment tankers to keep up with naval frigates. “This rigorous design phase also clearly shows that the replenishment oilers are not simple tankers but specialized naval vessels with numerous respective military requirements,” NVL Group chief executive Tim Wagner said.

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Source: Thedefensepost



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