Giant Cargo Ship Arrested off Long beach!


South Korea’s cargo ship placed under arrest by U.S. Marshal’s officers off Long beach!!


A mammoth cargo ship belonging to the South Korean giant Hanjin has been placed under arrest by U.S. Marshal officers off the coast of Long beach due a claim filed in U.S District court by a couple of suppliers over fuel debts amounting to $775,000 in the Montevideo’s tanks.

Matthew Cordova, U.S Deputy Marshal has confirmed the arrest and the assets (including cargo) onboard the ship has been seized.  The ship is currently moored just outside the breakwaters.

The move has come ahead of a ruling made by New Jersey bankruptcy judge who allowed the ships belonging to Hanjin to enter the port and remain in the U.S until a decision is finalized on Friday to ensure that the creditor’s interests are safeguarded.  Meanwhile, another cargo ship belonging to Hanjin has drifted to the coast of Mexico avoiding the Southern Californian waters by using low-sulphur fuel to avoid being placed under arrest by the U.S Marshal Officers.  Whereas, a third ship Hanjin Boston also belonging to the giant is moored outside the breakwater and awaiting a solution.

Since about 8% of the goods from Asia are shipped through Hanjin.  The collapse of Hanjin has stunned various suppliers ranging from warehouse operators, truck drivers, and International manufacturers.  South Korea’s economic officials have assured that the ships belonging to shipping giant will be able to unload the cargo bringing a little relief to the creditors.  But officials such as Robert Krieger, President of a Carson-based freight forwarder and customs broker Norman Krieger has expressed concern that this issue is far from over and will result in long-term impacts which will be felt in the coming years.

Bloomberg news has reported that a liner belonging to the South Korea’s second giant Hyundai Merchant Marine Co. will dispatch its vessel to Los Angeles from Busan to help ease the critical situation.

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Source: Press Enterprise