Giant Spider Travels to Scotland in Shipping Container


Stowaway Huntsman spider found in Dumbarton shipping container

The workers in London were in for a surprise when they encountered a poisonous tropical spider stowed inside a shipping container from China.  The enormous spider was discovered at a company in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland and animal welfare personnel were alerted by the anxious staff members fearing that it could be a poisonous spider.

The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) officials in Scotland removed the intruder and identified the spider as a Chinese Huntsman spider, common to tropical areas and known for its painful poisonous bite.


File photo: A female Huntsman spider stands outside its enclosure at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo (Picture Credit: REUTERS)

Chief Inspector Fiona Henderson, Scottish SPCA, confirmed the spider to be a Chinese Huntsman native to China.  They weren’t able to identify from where exactly in China the spider boarded the shipping container and described the spider to be a tough fellow since it survived within a cold container for a long time before its arrival in Scotland.  She also explained that the venom of the spider is not potent enough to kill a human being but can deliver a nasty painful bite.  She further clarified that the female adult spider is not a native species and cannot be released in Scotland since it could be carrying harmful bacteria or bugs which can affect native species.  The SPCA officials are currently looking for a specialized home to board the spider.

The spider was caught by Arnold Bretman, the development engineer at Aggreko Manufacturing.  He described the spider to be about 5 inches long and he saved the scampering spider before it could be squished by other colleagues who were hopping around trying to avoid it.  Shortly after the spider was caught it was handed over to the SPCA officials in a clear bag inside a container.  He further stated that the spider was found in a container from China and expressed surprise that the spider had survived harsh climatic conditions.

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Source: Scottish SPCA


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