Global Economy Looks Promising Now, Says ABB CEO


ABB Chief Executive Peter Voser said the Swiss engineering company was more positive about the global economy than it was six months ago, reports Reuters.

He added that the economy was seeing a recovery in some areas like automotive.

Global economy looking positive than before

In general we see a mixed bag in the economy. Some sectors, some industries are still driving very positively across the world, all the big markets including China,” he told CNBC on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

But on the other side there some others, like the automotive sector, where we are exposed to robotics quite significantly. There we have seen a downturn in a bigger way across the world,” added the executive who will revert to his role as ABB chairman when Sandvik CEO Bjorn Rosengren takes charge in March.

But we start to see some turning there as well,” said Voser. “So overall we are more positive than maybe six months ago.”

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Source: Reuters


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