Global Seaport Trade Report

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Global seaport trade surged to 841 million TEUs in 2021, and this infographic highlights the countries with the highest seaport trade traffic, showcasing the leaders in the world of maritime commerce. The zerohedge source.

  • China leads global seaport trade with a third of the world’s traffic, driven by its extensive port network and 263 million TEUs in 2021.
  • The United States secures second place with 61 million TEUs, largely due to bustling ports like Los Angeles and New York.
  • Singapore ranks third, handling 37 million 20-foot containers in 2021, making it the busiest single port by total shipping tonnage.

China Dominates with Unprecedented Seaport Traffic

China leads the world in seaport trade traffic, with a staggering one-third of global traffic passing through its numerous ports, including seven of the top 10 busiest in the world.

United States Holds Strong in Second Place

The United States secures the second spot on the list, boasting substantial container traffic of 61 million TEUs. Key ports such as Los Angeles and New York play a pivotal role in this ranking.

Singapore Shines as a Major Player

Singapore emerges as a significant contender, ranking third with 37 million 20-foot container units in 2021. Notably, it holds the title for the busiest single port in total shipping tonnage.

Middle Eastern Trade Hub

The United Arab Emirates makes its mark in the top rankings, propelled by the ports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With 19 million TEUs of container traffic, the UAE stands as the seventh-highest seaport traffic nation in 2021.

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