Global Shipping Trends (Nov ’23): Reliability Drops By 2.5 %


  • Reliability drops 2.5% to 61.9%, up 5.4% YoY. Late arrivals increase by 0.10 days.
  • Evergreen leads with 70.0%, Wan Hai at 68.1%. Six carriers at 60%-70%, six at 50%-60%. ZIM ranks lowest at 52.3%.
  • Evergreen has the largest month-over-month rise at 5.7%, with five carriers boasting double-digit year-over-year improvements, Evergreen leading at 17.4%.

Monthly Fluctuations in Schedule Reliability

In November 2023, global schedule reliability experienced a notable month-over-month decline, dropping by 2.5 percentage points to 61.9%, aligning with figures from March 2023. However, on a year-over-year basis, schedule reliability showed a positive trend, rising by 5.4 percentage points. The average delay for late vessel arrivals continued to rise, increasing by 0.10 days month-over-month to 5.02 days, resembling the trajectory observed in 2020 during the same period.

Carrier Performance and Rankings in November 2023

Evergreen secured the top spot as the most reliable carrier among the top 13, achieving 70.0% schedule reliability in November 2023, followed closely by Wan Hai at 68.1%. Six carriers boasted reliability within the 60%-70% range, while the remaining six carriers fell within the 50%-60% range. ZIM emerged as the least reliable carrier with a schedule reliability of 52.3%. Notably, Evergreen exhibited the largest month-over-month increase of 5.7 percentage points, with five carriers out of the top 13 demonstrating double-digit year-over-year improvements, and Evergreen leading with a significant improvement of 17.4 percentage points.

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Source: Sea-Intelligence


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