GNS Partners StormGeo To Integrate World’s Navigation With Weather Solutions


In a recent development, GNS has announced that they have started a strategic partnership with StormGeo which will create new situational awareness, route optimization through StormGeo’s market-leading BVS and advanced decision support tools and deliver a state-of-the-art experience for shipping company customers, says a press release published on their website.

About the Partnership

On May 1, 2019 GNS and StormGeo announced the strategic partnership which combines their industry-leading weather and navigation capabilities to benefit our shipping customers globally. The new partnership will leverage GNS’s and StormGeo’s combined competence in software and analytics, creating a strategic opportunity for joint development of new solutions and insight. The combined reach of the two companies is more than 20,000 vessels.

Working with StormGeo, GNS is extending its Voyager FLEET INSIGHT online service to include key weather-related services. The companies will also collaborate to provide other tools and resources for the thousands of GNS and StormGeo customers worldwide to help vessels sail more efficiently and provide ship owners, managers and charterers with enhanced levels of situational awareness, data analytics and operational insights.

StormGeo’s Outlook

Commenting on the deal, Per-Olof Schroeder, CEO of StormGeo said, “We have a passion for delivering weather insights and the best route- and vessel optimization solutions to the global maritime community. We see a great potential in how we can provide increased this value for our customers. Since we acquired Nautisk last year, now integrated into the StormGeo portfolio of solutions, we recognize that the global market for navigation is bigger than we could serve alone. Partnering with the leader in navigational solutions and services that shares our strategy and vision for innovation makes good sense and reaches a larger share of the market with our solutions.”

GNS’s Outlook

Paul Stanley, CEO of GNS added, “In StormGeo we have found a weather partner that shares our strategic vision to harness the power of software and analytics in keeping our customers safe, compliant and cost-efficient. Our software is capable of working with other weather and route optimization solutions, but this relationship with StormGeo will result in a more integrated approach that will be easier for customers to use and will deliver additional value.”

Focus Area of The Partnership

The initial focus areas of this strategic partnership include:

  1. Voyager FLEET INSIGHT weather applications for shore-based use:

GNS, working with StormGeo, will augment its Voyager FLEET INSIGHT online service to provide customers with rich experiences that combine weather content with unique GNS data analytics capabilities to support enhanced shore-side operations and decision-making.

2. Safety and compliance enhancing onboard solutions:

GNS and StormGeo are collaborating to develop onboard solutions to deliver ENCs direct to ECDIS that are optimized for GNS’s powerful and intuitive Voyager HUB and Voyager PLANNING STATION onboard software. The new solutions will automate the distribution and management of ENC updating and reduce the workload of the bridge team while enhancing navigation compliance and safety.

3. Voyage optimization services:

GNS and StormGeo believe strongly in the power and value of data sharing and system integration. To support and help streamline collaboration between ship and shore, the two partners will work together to provide tailored route optimization services that can be simultaneously imported, viewed and used ashore and onboard to support enhanced voyage operations.

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Source: GNS



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