Grandweld Signed A Contract To Build 5 GrandExtreme


Grandweld has signed a landmark contract with Jana Marine Services Co LLC to build five 42m GrandExtreme crew boats. Delivery of the first vessel will be in 9 months, says an article published on PES.

Two harbour tugs

This order brings the total number of vessels built by Grandweld for Jana Marine to twelve vessels, with Grandweld previously having built seven vessels for Jana Marine, including four crewboats, one work vessel and two harbour tugs.

Public company listed

Grandweld is part of Stanford Marine Group which is wholly owned by Thalassa Investments.

Thalassa Investments is 46.7% owned by Goldilocks Investment Company Limited, an ADGM company owned by Eshraq Investments, a public company listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

New design – GrandExtreme

This order is for Grandweld’s new ‘GrandExtreme’ design, a 42m crewboat series developed by Grandweld’s in-house engineering department.

GrandExtreme design builds on its sister series, the GrandSuperior, by offering a wider, more spacious accommodation area, with an interior layout that can be customized to meet different charter requirements.

Offshore personnel capacity

The first vessel will be uniquely designed with a higher offshore personnel capacity of 135, will meet the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code for carrying dangerous goods and will have higher fuel capacity of 120cu.m.

The other four vessels have a GrandMajlis lounge, office, large workshop, storeroom and offshore personnel seating. The vessels are in full compliance with the end customer’s latest requirements in Saudi Arabia.

Best crewboats

Jamal Abki, General Manager of Grandweld Shipyards said “This large order ensures we have a solid shipbuilding order book till the end of 2023. Customers only return when they see great value in the products, and we are very pleased to have achieved this again with Jana Marine. Grandweld has delivered the majority of crewboats to this region, with the key reason being that we build and design the best crewboats for the market.”

Compromising quality

Mohammed Al Subaie, Managing Director of Jana Marine said “We have always been highly impressed with Grandweld’s ability to deliver quickly and on-time without compromising quality. Prompt delivery, an excellent design, competitive pricing, and our long relationship built on trust made Grandweld the clear choice. The GrandExtreme design will differentiate Jana’s crewboat fleet in the crewboat market, as it has proven capabilities, reliability, and quality we always see from Grandweld, with the addition of added comfort and space for personnel.”

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Source: PES


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