Greece and France Sign Declaration for Maritime Sector Cooperation


The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Christos Stylianides, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Theodoros Skylakakis, and French State Secretary, Hervé Berville, have signed a declaration of intent for cooperation in the maritime sector.

Areas of Cooperation
The declaration, signed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, outlines the following areas of collaboration:

1. UN Conference on Oceans 2025
– Regular consultations between Greece and France to prepare for the United Nations Conference on Oceans, scheduled for June 9-13, 2025, in Nice, France.

2. Environmental Protection
– Joint efforts to expand the alliance for a moratorium on deep-sea mining.
– Advancement of global treaty negotiations to combat plastic pollution.
– Strengthening marine protected area networks to protect the oceans.

3. Maritime Economy Governance
– Cooperation to enhance governance in the maritime economy within the frameworks of the European Union (EU) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

4. Offshore Wind Energy Development
– Exchange of experiences and bilateral integration plans for the development of offshore wind farms.
– Industrial cooperation with sector companies in both France and Greece.

5. Shipping Sector and Port Adaptation
– Exploration of joint actions and investment opportunities in the shipping sector.
– Collaboration to adapt Greek and French ports to European and international environmental standards, including fuel supply and electrification.
– Promotion of initiatives based on European and international goals for maritime transport decarbonization.

6. Resource Mobilization and Information Exchange
– Exchange of technical information and mobilization of experts.
– Sharing methods and tools for the development and achievement of cooperation projects.
– Engagement of relevant partners to support cooperation initiatives.

This declaration signifies a strong commitment between Greece and France to enhance their cooperation in the maritime sector, addressing key environmental and economic challenges through joint efforts and shared expertise.

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Source: Naftemporiki