Greek Carriers Control LNG Transport! Germany Falls Behind


  • Greek dominates the LNG shipping sector.
  • Germany lags behind and is increasingly dependant on tankers.
  • Order for LNG carriers reached 9 billion USD in value for 2018 alone.

An increasing number of shipping companies have been embracing the expansion of the global liquefied natural gas sector with Greek shippers controlling a significant share of the fuel’s transport through LNG carriers.

Germans fall behind

While the Greeks have taken a center stage, the Germans have fallen far behind in the LNG transport sector and are significantly dependent on Greek-controlled tankers.

The report further suggested that the United States has praised LNG along with China showing an increased demand in its consumption.

Greece dominates LNG shipping sector

In terms of the LNG shipping sector, one in two new LNG vessel orders is now being placed by a Greek-controlled company and new orders placed by Greek interests for LNG carriers reached 9 billion USD in value for 2018 alone.

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Source: Naftemporiki


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