Green Development: Hainan’s Yangpu Port Develops Green And Low-Carbon International Shipping Hub


The Yangpu International Container Terminal, located in south China’s Hainan Province, was officially rated as a “four-star” green port in May last year.

In 2021, the shore power system of the Yangpu International Container Terminal was put into operation, enabling the port area to gradually eliminate the lingering “diesel odour.” 

Battery swapping station 

CAI DUSHU, Department Deputy General Manager, Hainan Harbour and Shipping International Port Co., Ltd. “Our battery swapping station is fully automated, completing swaps in under six minutes. When tallying the annual savings in fuel and electricity costs, we estimate around 16 million in fuel savings and a reduction of over 690 tons in carbon dioxide emissions annually.”

Not far from the Yangpu International Container Terminal, the supporting service project of the Yangpu Port, the Yangpu International Smart Supply Chain Center (Phase I) project is under construction.

43 international ships registered

Currently, there are a total of 43 international ships registered in the “Yangpu Port of China”, with a total deadweight tonnage exceeding 5.3 million tons. Yangpu has opened 46 trade routes, encompassing 23 foreign and 23 domestic ones. Lin Wo, Sansha Satellite TV in Hainan for CGTN.

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Source : News.cgtn