Green Power Combo: Rotor Sails Slash CO2

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A recent study has revealed that when NAPA Voyage Optimization is paired with the Norsepower Rotor Sail™, emissions can be reduced by an average of 28% on the popular Atlantic route connecting New York and Amsterdam, as reported by Offshore Energy.

Simulation project 

In a collaborative simulation project involving Norsepower, NAPA, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME), the fuel-saving and emissions-reduction potential of combining Norsepower Rotor Sail™ and NAPA Voyage Optimization onboard wind propulsion ships were examined. Phase one of the project, which utilized NAPA’s ship performance model and voyage simulation tools, took place from December 2022 to March 2023. The findings reveal that the integration of NAPA Voyage Optimization contributed to an estimated 12% of the average 28% reduction in CO2 emissions. The simulation project utilized actual performance data from Norsepower and specified weather data to simulate the tankers’ performance in selected sea areas.

CO2 reduction 

A study focused on six popular trading routes examined the potential CO2 reduction and fuel savings by combining NAPA Voyage Optimization and Norsepower Rotor Sails™, compared to using only NAPA Voyage Optimization. Results across all routes showed an average CO2 reduction of 19%, with NAPA Voyage Optimization contributing 10% to these reductions. The study also explored predicting vessel performance during the design stage and testing responses to varying sea and weather conditions. The joint simulation project highlights the significant potential of combining wind propulsion with voyage optimization for environmental impact. Digital solutions facilitate collaboration across the maritime value chain to meet environmental regulations.

Eco-friendly vessels

The joint simulation project, conducted by Norsepower, NAPA, and Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering (SHI-ME), holds promising findings to support the maritime industry in achieving sustainability goals. SHI-ME aims to deliver innovative, eco-friendly vessels, and the combination of Norsepower Rotor Sails™, NAPA’s weather routing expertise, and SHI-ME’s tall-ship design knowledge aligns with this vision. Phase two of the research project, starting from May 2023, will further enhance vessel performance with Rotor Sails™ using fleet data and advanced analysis. This initiative contributes to SHI-ME’s plan to develop a proof of concept for wind-assisted ships equipped with Norsepower Rotor Sails™, pushing the boundaries of optimization and operational performance.

Zero carbon emissions

Norsepower, in collaboration with NAPA and SHI-ME, aims to lead the shipping industry towards zero carbon emissions. The project’s findings provide valuable performance data on the benefits of clean technologies, boosting confidence in investing in decarbonization. As international regulations and public pressure for fuel savings and environmental impact reduction grow, the research strengthens the business case for wind-assist technology. The collaboration seeks to address the industry’s urgent need to decarbonize and offers solutions to meet sustainability goals.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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