Greenpeace Begins Construction Of New Green Ship On The Cutting Edge Of Sustainable


Today Greenpeace has signed a contract to begin construction of a new green sailing ship. Now begins the task of raising the donations to fund it.

Sustainable technology 

This new vessel will be more than a campaign tool – it has been designed to pioneer sustainable technology, showing in practice that long distance voyages at sea can be accomplished using different sources of renewable energy.

The decision to begin construction comes after years of design work to ensure it will be on the cutting edge of sustainable shipping at launch.

Source Of inspiration 

It will serve as both a source of inspiration and a challenge to an industry which is still far too reliant on fossil fuels. It is a sailing vessel at heart – but one which will be revolutionary.

This is only the first step in what will be a long project, and we will be seeking visionary funders to help us make this dream a reality. While it is still very early days we are already incredibly grateful for the people who have joined with us to begin funding this ship.

We trust that in the coming years more will join this small group to demand and to manifest a vessel which is radical today, but that we hope will one day become normal.

We will use this revolutionary new ship to chase and confront looters and polluters on the high seas – in the places where few others can go.

We will use it to hasten the end of the destructive fossil fuel era and to stand beside, and empower, communities who are paying the price for the climate crisis, while contributing the least.

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Source: Greenpeace


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