Greensea IQ’s Maritime Robotics Revolution


In a groundbreaking solution, unveils its latest achievement – the next generation of the EverClean service robot. This innovative leap signifies a major advancement in supervised reliable autonomy, equipped with Over the Horizon (OTH) operational capability for underwater hull maintenance. As the maritime industry seeks efficient and sustainable solutions, Greensea IQ’s EverClean robot aims to revolutionize hull cleaning practices with cutting-edge technology and enhanced operational efficiency.

Next-Gen Hull Cleaning

Greensea IQ introduces its advanced EverClean service robot, marking a significant leap in supervised reliable autonomy for underwater hull maintenance. The robot, equipped with the refined OPENSEA software system, promises an always-clean hull, combining 17 years of development expertise in control, autonomy, and navigation.

Smart Innovations and Efficiency Boost

The upgraded EverClean robots feature depth-aided navigation, obstacle avoidance, and improved manoeuvrability. With enhanced thrusters and a larger brush deck, they double production rates, covering up to 50 square meters autonomously. EverClean IQ, a revolutionary addition, leverages intelligent data for precise hull management, providing a comprehensive dataset and transforming insights into user-friendly reports for ship owners.

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Source: GreenSea IQ