Grounded Bulker Sinks Further after Splitting in Two




The grounded Greek bulker New Mykonos, broke in two and partially sunk with some coal cargo off Madagascar.

A Greek capesize has sunk months after grounding off the southern tip of Madagascar. Reports say that the 161,000-dwt New Mykonos (built 1997) broke in two last month and last week it further submerged with just its wheelhouse and smokestack visible above the water.

It was reported that Smit Salvage had been hired under a Lloyd’s Open Form salvage agreement.  Local reports said the ship grounded in January and by then tugs were used to pull the ship to safety but the damage was so intense that the attempt has to be aborted.

The capesize bulker was carrying a cargo of coal from Richards Bay, South Africa, to Visakhapatnam, India.

Still most of its coal cargo remains on board, the government has asked the owner and insurer of the vessel to bear the cost of removing the cargo from the ship.  Madagascar’s environment ministry expressed concern about coal dust sedimentation that can lead to long term damage to coral colonies and associated sessile fauna.

The vessel is now lying in 25 metres of water at Rakotondrasata Roland and officials from anti-pollution body have reportedly cited that there was no risk of pollution since 2,500 tons of fuel were already pumped out in March.

Source: LExpressMADA


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