Grounded Bulker Towed Safely – Reaches Port


Mfame reported about a 623-foot bulk carrier running aground after hitting a submerged object in a narrow part of the river near Cathlamet, just after midnight on Monday.  The vessel was afloat by Monday afternoon and remained in place on the river.


The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that with the assistance of two tugs, the bulker was towed safely to the Port of Kalama.  It also mentioned that it took 5 ½ hours for the vessel to move to the port from its position in the river.

The damages sustained by the vessel will be assessed and subsequently repaired.  The preliminary assessments made before towing the ship revealed that the vessel incurred multiple fractures, the largest being 25 feet high and 5 feet wide.  The vessel has a full load of grain on board and additionally carries 218,230 gallons of high sulfur fuel and 39,380 gallons of marine diesel.

The vessel was heading to Japan during the incident.  The authorities are involved in investigating the cause of the grounding.  Fortunately, there were no reports of fuel leak.



Source: OregonLive


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