Grounded Cargo Ship Refloated in Bosphorus, Traffic Resumes

Credits: Fazle Rabbi Fahim/Unsplash

Turkey freed a vessel that had wedged itself against the banks of the Bosphorus Strait, clearing the vital waterway that connects the Black Sea with global markets, reports Yahoo Finance.

Cargo ship refloated after running aground

Tugboats released the stranded bulk carrier after it got stuck Monday morning. The vessel, carrying peas, had run aground after its steering apparently failed en route from Ukraine to Istanbul. The strait has not yet reopened to shipping traffic.

Such incidents in the Bosphorus are typically resolved within hours. Yet it’s a reminder of Turkey’s longstanding concern about maritime mishaps in waters that are important for tourism — and serve as the vista for some of the country’s prime real estate.

Ankara recently prevented oil tankers sailing from Russia from passing the strait because of insurance concerns related to sanctions. It relented only once it received proof the vessels were covered against risks including spills and collisions.

No spill from the bulk carrier was reported.

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Source: Yahoo Finance