GRSM Chairman Honored at SNAMES Marine Community Gathering 2019


Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (“SNAMES”) gathered on November 7, 2019 and acknowledged various Industry talents, contributions and skills.

Marine community gathering

The top notch officials from the Marine community were gathered during the event. It was an official come a relaxed event.

Many veterans who had spent around 40 years and above were cited in the event. New disrupting Technologies were discussed during the speech by various experts.

Mr. Siddiqui of GRSM Honored

Global radiance Ship Management Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Abdul Lateef Siddiqui was honored during this spectacular event. Mr. Siddiqui is a well known personality in the marine industry with 25 plus years of service. 

He was a sailing Chief Engineer and later held various senior positions in many of the blue chip shipping companies. The last assignment was with V Ship offshore as Fleet Director. 

Growth of GRSM

Later Mr. Siddiqui ventured into starting his company Global radiance which had one Ship initially. 

Due to the performance of the company and his Hard work the company grew exponentially currently they manage 20 ships.

About GRSM

Global radiance also serves the Marine industry providing Project Management, Offshore management, Manpower management.

Global radiance has office in various parts of the world which includes Singapore (Head Office), Middle East in Doha, Karachi(Pakistan) and Mumbai(India).

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