GSBN’s Study On Digitalization ’s Impact On Shipping’s Decarbonization Published


Hong Kong’s blockchain platform, Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), a neutral, has published a new study highlighting the potential for significant carbon reductions through the adoption of digital processes in the shipping sector.

Shipping remains carbon efficient

While shipping remains more carbon-efficient than air transport, there is a pressing need for decarbonisation within the industry as international oversight bodies seek to achieve net-zero by 2050.

Study Suggestions

The study suggests that the absence of a universally adopted digital platform creates interoperability challenges, complicating efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

As carriers pledge to fully adopt eBLs by 2030, the transition of the estimated 15.8 million paper bills issued annually could reduce CO2e emissions by up to 440,820 metric tons. As a point of reference, the annual emissions for the country of Andorra are 470,000 metric tons.

The study concludes with actionable recommendations for the industry, emphasising the need for widespread digital adoption, enhanced data integrity and interoperability, as well as the removal of legal barriers to accelerate towards a greener future for global shipping.

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Source : Hongkongmaritime