GT USA Wilmington Welcomes A New Customer To The Port Of Wilmington


GT USA Wilmington recently welcomed the M/V PORTHOS, a General Cargo  Ship built in 2011, carrying a cargo of glycerin from Malaysia for the Acme-Hardesty company to  the Port of Wilmington, Delaware, reports a short press release published on their website.

About the company 

A new customer to the Port of Wilmington, Acme-Hardesty began operations more than 80 years  ago, as a division of Jacob Stern and Sons. Today, the company is one of the largest distributors  of castor oils and derivatives, palm derivatives, preservatives and surfactants and renewable  palm-based glycerin, fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

The shipment of glycerin off loaded in Wilmington is utilized in the manufacturing of many  product categories, i.e., hand sanitizers, personal care, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Representatives from the company, Matt Hoyle, Director Supply Chain, Aurelio Castilla, Manager  of International Operations, Caren Dres-Hajeski, Vice President Personal Care and Marketing  were on hand to view operations on day one.

The cargo of glycerin had previously been shipped in containers, but due to continued challenges  caused by the global shortage of containers, Acme-Hardesty thought “outside the box” and  transitioned to a bulk method of shipping to ensure they eliminated any delay in their supply to their customers. Their decision paid off and GT USA Wilmington is honored to have played a part  in assisting the company with this.

Matt Howle, Director, Supply Chain for Acme-Hardesty said 

”By working with our Terminal  Partner, GT USA, and our Delaware Warehouse Partner, Sardo and Sons, Acme-Hardesty Supply  Chain has taken the next step in achieving our strategy of Reliable Sustainable Freight. We have  collaborated with our partners to establish a new stream of freight for Acme-Hardesty imports  utilizing break bulk vessels. These open hull ships provide Acme-Hardesty the ability to bring in  large shipments of our most important products without the impact of the global container  restraints. Partners like GT USA and Sardo and Sons have been incredible full-service partners  who have shown to work seamlessly with Acme-Hardesty to be successful in our entry into break  bulk. We look forward to many more shipments with these vessels as they will continue to play an  important role in our overall supply chain network.” 

The vessel was unloaded over the course of two days and operations went ahead safely and  efficiently, with the product being moved very quickly to its final destination.

Joe Cruise, CEO of GT USA Wilmington, “We are delighted to welcome Acme-Hardesty to the  Port of Wilmington and to be able to host their team to personally see these operations first hand. We are really very pleased that they were able to witness the amazing work by our union  partners in unloading this cargo in a safe and timely manner.”

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Source: Global Trade


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