GTT And Deltamarin Win DNV Approval For New LNG-fueled PCTC Design


A recent news article published in the Offshore Energy states that LNG-fueled PCTC design wins DNV approval.

French containment specialist GTT

French containment specialist GTT and the Finnish ship designer Deltamarin have been awarded approval in principle from the Norwegian classification society DNV for a new LNG-fueled PCTC design.

GTT and Deltamarin jointly developed a new dual-fuel pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) design, able to carry 8000 cars.

This design incorporates GTT’s Mark III membrane LNG fuel tank and Deltamarin’s expertise in developing vessels.

The LNG-fueled PCTC

The AiP from DNV confirms that the design of the LNG-fueled PCTC is feasible.

In addition, it affirms that no obstacles exist to prevent the concept from being constructed and operated.

GTT and Deltamarin have a compact LNG system that optimizes cargo capacity and energy consumption.

It does so while providing maximal vessel LNG autonomy, GTT says.

The two bar gauge (barg) design pressure of the LNG fuel tank enables improved pressure holding capabilities and increased operational flexibility.

This is especially the case during bunkering operations.

No longer talks on alternative fuels

“We are rapidly reaching a point where we will likely no longer talk of alternative fuels, but simply a range of fuels for shipping,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO of DNV.

“PCTC operators have been early and eager adopters of less carbon-intensive fuels...LNG is a proven ship fuel that enables owners and operators to lock in CO2 reduction benefits today while planning for low and zero operations in the future.”

Recently, GTT also received AiP for its innovation applicable to LNG-fueled PCTCs and cruise ships; this time from the Japanese classification society ClassNK.

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Source: Offshore Energy


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